Howard Newmark, CIEC, AIEH, owner, is licensed by the State of Florida as a Professional Mold Assessor. Howard will personally inspect your home, business, motor vehicle, aircraft or yacht for mold. Different levels of testing and investigation are designed to work with your budget. If you are looking for a licensed professional who can provide you with unbiased, honest and useful information, Howard is available to help you now.


THE MOLD INSPECTOR is a licensed, certified and insured professional providing indoor air quality assessments & detailed written reports including certified laboratory results for mold and allergen testing.

THE MOLD INSPECTOR'S expertise and state of the art scientific equipment ensure that you will receive reliable, prompt results.

If you are a homeowner, prospective homeowner, renter, real estate professional, lender, insurer, builder, business owner or landlord THE MOLD INSPECTOR can help you now.


Consumer Protection Alert

Effective July 1st, 2010, The State of Florida requires Mold Assessors & Mold Remediators to be licensed.

Howard Newmark, CIEC, AIEH, (President of THE MOLD INSPECTOR), FL License #MRS3 has been serving South Florida since 1998. In fact Howard is the first licensed mold assessor in Southeast Florida.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest
“Don’t let the fox guard your hen house.”

Mold assessors inspect & test for mold. Mold remediators remove the mold. Consult with an experienced, licensed mold assessor before hiring a mold remediator and avoid potentially harmful conflicts of interest. See Florida Statute 463, Chapter XVI for more details.


Save time & money. Mold testing is cost effective and can get you answers fast.

* FREE next day mold testing lab results.

Great for real state purchases.
Great for allergy background information.
Great for discovering indoor air quality.

* Call Howard for more details.


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